potentialCamgrain is a farmer-owned central storage Co-operative, established in 1983.
Every Camgrain farmer benefits from Camgrain membership through cost saving and a sound investment in a shared asset.

Camgrain APC

Linton APC

The foundation of Camgrain’s co-operative development, with the first phase of construction completed in 1983. The Linton APC has benefited from continuous investment over it’s lifetime and is now the sophisticated hub for Camgrain crop segregat ...

Cambridge APC

The Cambridge APC continues to develop markets of added value. The first co-operative central store to gain BRC accreditation.   Operating a state of the art Clean Wheat Plant, the store has opened up access into the breakfast cereal market fo ...

Camgrain Stratford APC

The investment made by Camgrain over the last 2 years in continuous maintenance, refurbishment and upgrade of the store infrastructure has allowed the revitalised Stratford APC to offer full Camgrain Service levels to members in the region.
..... ...

Northants APC

The fourth Camgrain APC will be fully commissioned with powerful drying and intake for harvest 2013 following completion of its second phase of construction. The Northants APC, a two year build operational since harvest 2012, has been supplying qua ...

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